Final Prediction! Arizona Cardinals will make three trades at NFL Draft

Arizona Cardinals v San Francisco 49ers
Arizona Cardinals v San Francisco 49ers / Thearon W. Henderson/GettyImages

The Arizona Cardinals can use the 2023 NFL Draft to completely revamp their roster if they are willing to make a few major trades.

We’re just over 24 hours away from the 2023 NFL Draft, and for all 32 teams in the league, you can expect that each “war room” has their draft boards set. Only, the fact of the matter is, can you ever truly set a draft board?

Probably not. Once that first unexpected move happens, it’s a free for all. And for the Arizona Cardinals, they might just be part of a few unexpected surprises in the name of trades. So let’s get bold and project not one, but three trades to occur at one point or another tomorrow evening. 

3 major trades Arizona Cardinals will make this weekend

1 - DeAndre Hopkins for third round pick, Ed Oliver

The Buffalo Bills would love to snag a receiver to line up opposite of Stefon Diggs. They could always draft one, and perhaps they would have every intention to, but unfortunately for them, every receiver they want will be gone. 

That said, Brandon Beane calls up the Arizona Cardinals, and Monti Ossenfort agrees to send Hopkins to the Queen City for Ed Oliver and a third round pick. This one makes sense, since Oliver would immediately upgrade the Cards’ defensive line. 

2 - Cardinals trade with Falcons and snag Paris Johnson Jr. 

A few hours before the Bills are on the clock, the Atlanta Falcons, less than impressed with incumbent quarterback Desmond Ridder, makes that big offer to Monti Ossenfort, sending the eighth overall pick, the 44th overall pick, and a 2024 first round pick to the Cardinals for the third overall pick. 

Arizona still gets its man in Paris Johnson Jr., who could immediately play left tackle, or perhaps kick inside to guard for 2023. Nonetheless, the Cards use this pick to set the stage for what will be a smashmouth identity on offense. 

3 - Cards send Budda Baker to Cincinnati Bengals for first round pick

And finally, the Cincinnati Bengals will call up the Cards in a last-minute trade, shipping the 28th overall pick to the desert in exchange for Budda Baker. With Jessie Bates having signed with the Atlanta Falcons, the Bengals will be targeting a safety. 

Unfortunately for them, Brian Branch and Jordan Battle are gone by the time they pick, so they strike a deal with Arizona for the proven product in Baker as opposed to taking a chance on a rookie who may need time to develop. With the pick, the Cards will take none other than Calijah Kancey to further fill the void at defensive tackle. 

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