Arizona Cardinals Schedule: Top 5 games to watch for 2023

Arizona Cardinals v Dallas Cowboys
Arizona Cardinals v Dallas Cowboys / Cooper Neill/GettyImages

The Arizona Cardinals 2023 schedule has been released. Here are the top five games to watch for what should be an exciting season.

Last night, we found out when the Arizona Cardinals would be playing who. And while the schedule is by no means an easy one, it’s spread out in a way that could give the Cards a chance to at least enjoy some competitive portions. So much, that I predicted them to finish the year 8-9, not too bad for a team I recently claimed could end up 4-13 again. 

Following the release of every schedule, there will be some games that you will have marked in red, and I listed five of them below. Which games should you be excited about the most? Keep reading for more. 

Top five games on the Arizona Cardinals Schedule

1 - Week 3 vs. Dallas

There is nothing like Cardinals-Cowboys, even if it’s been over two decades since the teams were division rivals in the NFC East. The Dallas Cowboys will boast a high-octane offense, and finally look to upend the Cards after our Redbirds took the last two outings in recent memory. 

And although the Cardinals may not have quarterback Kyler Murray for this one, they still boast a dangerous receiving unit nonetheless. Therefore, I wouldn’t be surprised if this one turned into a high-scoring affair going in Arizona’s favor. 

2 - Week 11 @ Houston

The Arizona Cardinals wheeled and dealed with the Houston Texans on draft day, setting the stage for both franchises. And while neither group looks like they are going anywhere this season, we are seeing two teams of tomorrow facing off in this one. 

I don’t foresee either boasting a winning record at this point (though the Cards can realistically be 5-5 here), but you won’t see bad football. Instead, look for flashes of the future and an entertaining battle. 

3 - Week 17 @ Philadelphia

Head coach Jonathan Gannon and defensive coordinator Nick Rallis make their respective homecomings in Week 17 against the Philadelphia Eagles. While America will overwhelmingly say the Eagles will take this one over the Arizona Cardinals, I’m not so sure, given the level of motivation the Redbirds will feel to snag this contest. 

Look for a too-close-for-comfort matchup between the pair of former division rivals. And who knows? Maybe the entire drama regarding Gannon will reignite something here if the Cards can grow quickly into a winning football team. And it’s not like the Eagles weren’t recently in the same position. 

4 - Week 18 vs. Seattle

Yep, two of the most exciting games of the year will occur in Weeks 17 and 18. Why so late in the season with this one? It’s not like the Arizona Cardinals will be playing for a playoff spot. 

While that may be true, the Seattle Seahawks could easily find themselves vying for something, and the Cardinals may have an opportunity to knock one of their current division rivals out of the postseason. And if that occurs, everyone in the Red Sea can enter the offseason much happier than they were last year. 

5 - Week 9 @ Cleveland 

Two months before Jonathan Gannon and Nick Rallis enjoy their respective homecomings, offensive coordinator Drew Petzing will have his. But this is also one of those matchups that you will see the Cardinals pull off an upset over what will be a heavily favored Cleveland Browns team. 

Sure, the Browns may have DeShaun Watson and Nick Chubb, but rust and impending age won’t do Cleveland any favors. Nor will the fact that Petzing will know exactly how to beat Kevin Stefanski. This one has not only an upset, but a potential blowout, written all over it. 

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