Mock Draft 8.0: Arizona Cardinals trade down, roll with receiver

2022 NFL Draft - Rounds 4-7
2022 NFL Draft - Rounds 4-7 / David Becker/GettyImages
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Quentin Johnston
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11 - Arizona Cardinals: Quentin Johnston, WR/TCU

And finally, we have reached the end of this exercise, with the Arizona Cardinals surprising everyone and drafting Quentin Johnston. He will either replace DeAndre Hopkins, or if the 30-year-old is still in the desert, what’s not to say Johnston forms a potentially elite trio with Hopkins and the speedy Marquise Brown?

I’ve seen mock drafts with Johnston going all over the first round, and even a few where he landed in the second. But listen, given his overall size (6’4, 215 lb), and speed, he’s not falling to the second or even the bottom half of the first round. If Ossenfort wants him, he needs to take Johnston when he gets the chance. 

Overall, with Johnston having come to the desert for a visit, it’s always fun to speculate. And maybe, just maybe, Monti Ossenfort wanted to go offense all along for reasons known but to him. We will find out on April 27th. 

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