3 Arizona Cardinals veterans who could lose their starting job to a rookie

New Orleans Saints v Arizona Cardinals
New Orleans Saints v Arizona Cardinals / Michael Owens/GettyImages

With an influx of rookies coming into the lineup, the Arizona Cardinals have plenty of veteran players who could find themselves losing their starting job.

There are more than a few exciting names in the desert this season who have yet to play a snap in the NFL. And since the Arizona Cardinals are finally one of the NFL’s younger units, look for them to find every excuse out there to play their rookies. 

Players like B.J. Ojulari, Dante Stills, and Owen Pappoe will see playing time in a rotational role for most if not the entire season. And they could inevitably become starters at their respective positions. 

But there are a few seasoned veterans on the roster who are in danger of immediately losing their job early in the season. Below, you will find three names whose job security could be trending in the wrong direction. 

3 Arizona Cardinals veterans in danger of losing their job

1 - Hjalte Froholdt to Jon Gaines II

Look for Hjalte Froholdt to enter training camp as the starting center, but the versatile Jon Gaines II has experience at the position and a higher ceiling than Froholdt. It’s also important for Gaines to build chemistry with first round pick Paris Johnson, who will also be starting on the offensive line. 

Gaines won’t win the starting job immediately. But expect him to take it at some point before the regular season kicks off. 

2 - Antonio Hamilton to Garrett Williams

While Antonio Hamilton has shown to be more than a serviceable player lately, he’s also 30, and he has also reached his ceiling as an NFL player. Garrett Williams, once cleared to play and adapted to the NFL game, should have no trouble edging out Hamilton. 

We don’t know how well Williams will play when he returns from his ACL tear. But we also know Hamilton is nothing more than a backup and a role player. Therefore, it makes no sense to keep playing the veteran when you’re a team not only looking to get younger, but one who landed a potential steal in the third round with Williams. 

3 - Kyler Murray to Clayton Tune

Here’s the fact of the matter: Fifth-round draft pick Clayton Tune is on the power play. He can win the starting job out of training camp, play well, and convince the fanbase that he can be the Arizona Cardinals starting quarterback beyond 2023

While Tune will take an inevitable backseat to Murray when the former number one overall pick is cleared to play, his performance could mean the coaching staff has less patience with Murray. If Tune looks like the real deal and Murray’s struggles continue from last season, it won’t be long until the rookie is back in the driver’s seat. 

The Cardinals also don’t figure to win many games in 2023. So if Tune opens the season as the starter and leads Arizona to a better than expected record, it puts even more pressure on Murray, especially if he returns and loses a few games. 

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