Arizona Cardinals Week 9 matchup features yet another modern-classic uniform battle

Thanks to recent uniform changes, the Arizona Cardinals and Cleveland Browns will take part in a battle between two modern-classic uniforms.
Arizona Cardinals v Seattle Seahawks
Arizona Cardinals v Seattle Seahawks / Steph Chambers/GettyImages

The Arizona Cardinals have seen their fair share of battles in modern-classic uniforms this season, with a recent one having come in Week 6 against the Los Angeles Rams. Weeks 7 and 8 missed the mark, but Week 9 once again will treat the eyes to a pair of stellar uniform combos. 

The Cardinals will don their now-familiar icy-whites while the Cleveland Browns will wear their classic orange helmets with brown jerseys, with most likely either white or orange pants. The two uniforms are modern upgrades, but they strongly resemble what both teams wore in the 1980s when the Cards still played in St. Louis. 

And with the Browns rolling with the famed “Brownie Elf” as the midfield logo, it just adds to this modern-classic battle. But the Cardinals and Browns are just one of a few matchups that will rank well in the aesthetics column. 

Arizona Cardinals and Browns are one of many outstanding uniform matchups

The Miami Dolphins and Kansas City Chiefs will kick off NFL Sunday in Germany, with Miami going with an icy-white combo while the Chiefs will don their traditional red jerseys on white pants. Also, the New York Giants and Las Vegas Raiders will look rather old school, with the latter wearing their usual black and silver while the Giants go with yet another icy-white combo. 

The Cincinnati Bengals and Buffalo Bills have what may be the most aesthetically-underrated matchup this week. Cincy will bring out their own modern-classics with black jerseys, the orange helmet, and white pants with tiger stripes. As for the Bills, it’s arguably the best combo in their wardrobe: white jerseys, their white helmet, and blue pants. 

Overall, the Arizona Cardinals strike again with another classic unformed battle, something we also saw in Weeks 4 and 6. Now, let’s see if they can finally win one on the road this season as they travel to cold weather Cleveland. 


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