Cardinals could face all three expected top rookie quarterbacks in 2024

Should the first three picks all be quarterbacks, the Cardinals will have an advantage next season against them.
Arizona Cardinals v Chicago Bears
Arizona Cardinals v Chicago Bears / Quinn Harris/GettyImages

The top three quarterbacks that could very hear their names called within the first three picks of the NFL draft could find themselves facing off against the Arizona Cardinals next season. When the draft kicks off in Detroit next month, there is no doubt that the first quarterback that will be taken is USC's Caleb Williams who is one of the best college prospets in recent memory.

The Chicago Bears, who have the first overall pick from the Carolina Panthers, traded away Justin Fields to the Pittsburgh Steelers and are set to draft Williams. Right after the first pick, the Washington Commanders are expected to take a quarterback whether it is North Carolina's Drake Maye or LSU's Jayden Daniels. With the Commanders being under new ownership with a new coaching staff, they will be looking for a brand new start and it doesn't get any better than getting a hopeful franchise quarterback.

Then the New England Patriots, who out of the Mac Jones era will more than likely select one of the remaining quarterbacks whether it is Maye or Daniels. The last time three quarterbacks were taken in the first three picks was in 2021 with Trevor Lawrence, Zach Wilson, and Trey Lance.

Once those picks have been completed, the Cardinals (if they decide not to trade down) will be the true starters of the draft as they will not be drafting a quarterback on the first night.

Arizona could be facing the potential top three quarterbacks drafted this year.

While we will still wait for the Cardinals' schedule to come out after the draft, the Cardinals are hosting the Bears, Commanders, and Patriots next season which means they have a high chance of taking on three rookie quarterbacks. With Jonathan Gannon being a defensive-minded head coach, this should be a great setup for him and his coaching staff.

Rookie quarterbacks are going to have their struggles. If the Cardinals do indeed take on Williams, Maye and Daniels next season, it is an opportunity for the Cardinals to take advantage of facing a rookie quarterback in each of these games. However, the defense for Arizona still needs improvement in order to do so.