Arizona Cardinals will have successful draft with these 4 moves

With 11 picks to work with, the Cardinals can come out as winners after the NFL draft.
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4.) Bring in offensive line depth

The Cardinals are past the Kyler Murray-torn ACL era but that is an injury that will always be a concern moving forward. Murray is a mobile quarterback who can extend plays with his legs, but he will now need to be somewhat limited to avoid any potential non-contact injury. Arizona has brought in two offensive linemen in Jonah Williams and Evan Brown. Williams will help protect the outside of the pocket while Brown can play guard or center as a versatile offensive lineman. 

A team can never have enough offensive linemen heading into training camp, but the Cardinals can still future starters in the draft as well. Arizona has the chance to bring in depth in this draft and if they can draft a couple of offensive linemen, they will have a lot to work with to make sure that Murray’s health is better protected. A draft prospect like Graham Barton out of Duke is someone who has been climbing up draft boards and with the Cardinals having a first-round pick later in the first round, this could be a potential great fit.