Arizona Cardinals will have successful draft with these 4 moves

With 11 picks to work with, the Cardinals can come out as winners after the NFL draft.
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3.) Draft 2 wide receivers, including at No. 4 overall

One of the hot topics of the NFL surrounding the Cardinals is what they will do with their first, first-round pick in the top five. With the top three teams ahead of the Cardinals in the draft expected to take quarterbacks, Arizona should be able to draft the first non-quarterback. However, rumors are heating up about the Cardinals listening to offers for the #4 pick and it could very well involve a team like the Minnesota Vikings who have the worst kept secret that they are looking to trade up for a quarterback. Unless the Cardinals receive an offer that is undeniable, Arizona needs to stay put at #4.

With the #4 overall pick, if wide receiver Marvin Harrison Jr. finds himself on the board available, Monti Ossenfort needs to not waste time and turn in the card that has Harrison’s name on it. Then at some point later on in the draft (preferably in the 2nd or 3rd round), the Cardinals need to find another receiver who has the potential to start in the next year or two. With Arizona failing to address the wide receiver position in free agency, getting two rookie receivers in this deep class would be a big score for the Cardinals.