Arizona Cardinals will have successful draft with these 4 moves

With 11 picks to work with, the Cardinals can come out as winners after the NFL draft.
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1.) Acquire future draft capital

Building a team through the draft is not the easiest, but it helps with continuity and it is better financially in the long run. The Cardinals are a team that have one of the most draft picks this year, but if they are able to find a way to acquire extra draft capital this year or even in the future, this will make them winners right off the bat. With 7 rounds, Arizona will have the opportunity to pick more than other teams who may even be missing draft picks. There is so much talent in this draft on offense so while Ossenfort needs to address the offensive side of the ball, if he can make a move or two that keeps Arizona more busy in the draft this year and going into next year, he will be looked at as a genius.

With 6 picks in the top 100, the Cardinals could easily make a trade with another team who wants to go and acquire someone. As long as the compensation back to Arizona works out in their benefit, Cardinals fans should not have an issue with future picks to work with.