Arizona Cardinals will have successful draft with these 4 moves

With 11 picks to work with, the Cardinals can come out as winners after the NFL draft.

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2.) Build up the defense

There are a few reasons as to why the Cardinals are in the top five of this NFL draft. With Murray missing half of the season, and the Arizona defense being near the bottom of the league, the Cardinals still need to improve various aspects of their defense. Ossenfort has gone out this free agency period and acquired help on all three levels of the defense, but it is not enough. Arizona still needs to improve a defense that was giving up over 140 rushing yards per game last year and on average, gave up about 27 points a game on defense. 

With a head coach in Jonathan Gannon whose specialty is defense, Ossenfort needs to make sure that positions like edge rusher, defensive tackle and positions in the secondary are addressed sooner rather than later. While the game has been offensive-heavy in recent memory, teams still need to make sure their defensive unit is above average to have success throughout the season.