Best memes and tweets from fans reacting to Cardinals drafting Marvin Harrison Jr.

Welcome to Arizona, MHJ!
2023 Heisman Trophy Presentation
2023 Heisman Trophy Presentation / Sarah Stier/GettyImages

The pick is in and the Arizona Cardinals decided to stay put at fourth overall and draft Ohio State wide receiver Marvin Harrison Jr. We all knew this was coming but that still meant we had to sit through months of speculation on what the Cardinals would end up doing with the fourth overall pick.

Fortunately, the Cardinals stayed put and added the near sure thing. How are fans reacting to the Cardinals selecting Harrison?

Social media reaction to Cardinals drafting Marvin Harrison Jr.

Kyler Murray will have some weapons to throw to in 2024, that's for sure!

Yes, the NFC West just got a new wide receiver and for the other three teams in the division, that is terrifying news.

Pat McAfee was loving the Cardinals' selection of Harrison!

This isn't just Murray's hypothetical reaction -- It's all of our reactions!

Just call us the "Arizona Buckeyes".

This was an exciting selection for the Cardinals so fans are rightfully excited.

Rejoice indeed!

Cardinals fans were already stoked about this pick but just look at this play! Holy smokes.