Cardinals 2024 NFL Draft "What If" Series: Arizona trades up from No. 27

Don't be surprised if Monti Ossenfort decides to trade up if someone he likes is falling down the draft board.
NFL Draft
NFL Draft / Andy Lyons/GettyImages

In this "What If" series, there has only been a focus on the Arizona Cardinals' 4th overall pick, but yet they will have the chance to make two draft selections in the first night of the NFL draft. While there is a high gap between picks No. 4 and No. 27, they are still both in the first round that have higher paying salaries and a fifth-year option on the contract after the third season is completed.

Last year, the Cardinals had the third overall pick in which they traded it away to the Houston Texans and part of the compensation was receiving Houston's first round pick this year. With the Texans overachieving this past season, the Cardinals find themselves in the low 20s of the first round. That pick is just as important as the 4th overall pick.

If the Cardinals make their pick at No. 4, they will be waiting for quite sometime before they can make another draft selection. However, Monti Ossenfort could see a prospect falling down the draft board once the draft starts getting into the playoff teams in the early 20s and could start making phone calls to try and trade up.

If the Cardinals have their eyes set on a certain position to address with their second first-round pick, don't be surprised if Ossenfort gets aggressive and tries to trade up to get his guy. At this particular pick, the Cardinals should address either wide receiver, offensive or defensive line, or edge rusher. Spending a first round pick on a prospect is crucial because it is important to utilize it on a premium position in the NFL. Not to mention, if they trade up they will most certainly have to give up picks this year which takes away potential prospects on a rookie deal.

If the Cardinals are able to attack free agency and bring in quality veteran help, that will give them more flexibility to take a risk to move up and acquire a draft prospect