CBS Sports Analyst disrespects Kyler Murray in 2024 QB rankings

Seattle Seahawks v Arizona Cardinals
Seattle Seahawks v Arizona Cardinals / Christian Petersen/GettyImages

The NFL Draft is over and teams have a much better understanding where their teams currently are in terms of talent. While more work can be done by the front office to bring in free agents, there will not be as much activity leading up to training camp in terms of free agency moves. The Arizona Cardinals are a better team today than they were a month ago. Monti Ossenfort went and signed defensive veterans and drafted offensive help for Kyler Murray. Now the attention turns to Jonathan Gannon and the coaching staff.

From now until we start seeing some practice across the league, this is the time of year where predictions and rankings are made for teams and players. Some might be realistic while others are very bold that could receive lots of backlash. CBS Sports Analyst Cody Benjamin made an early quarterback rankings list, where Benjamin ranked all 32 expected starting quarterbacks. Cardinals fans are not going to like where Kyler Murray is ranked on this list…

Benjamin ranked the Cardinals’ quarterback 21st on the list. Benjamin talked about how Murray has his new number one option in Marvin Harrison Jr. but that there is still room for growth within Murray’s game through the air. There is an argument to be made, but it doesn’t make sense that Murray is lower on the list than players like Russell Wilson and Deshaun Watson. While Murray’s ACL injury from 2022 may have been a factor in this, he came back to help lead the Cardinals to three wins in eight games, which included against two playoff teams from last season.

As it stands, Murray is not a top ten quarterback but he has the necessary pieces around him to play like one as long as health doesn’t affect it. However, to have Murray at this particular spot on the list sure is a bold take. Not to mention, he is only one spot ahead of Titans’ quarterback Will Levis who had an up-and-down season in Tennessee.