Final 4-round Cardinals mock draft going into Round 1

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The biggest offseason event for the NFL is just a couple hours away. Fans are getting ready to sit tight and see who their favorite teams will select while general managers are getting ready to make their final decisions on whether or not they will stay at their current pick or make a move. Don’t be surprised if there are a good amount of trades in the first round alone, but nothing is guaranteed until it happens. 

As of now, the Arizona Cardinals are set to pick twice in tonight’s draft at the 4th and 27th spots. Will they trade out? Will they trade up? Anything can happen on Monti Ossenfort’s watch, but Cardinals fans should not expect any moves until atleast the clock starts for Arizona. 

In this final four-round mock draft, no trades were made as the Cardinals managed to get good value at their various picks in the four rounds.

Here is the final 4-round mock draft for the Cardinals heading into Round 1.

Round 1, #4: Marvin Harrison Jr., WR - Ohio State

Marvin Harrison Jr.
Michigan State v Ohio State / Ben Jackson/GettyImages

There is no need to overthink this pick. Unless some team is willing to offer three first-round picks (which even then might not be enough), the Cardinals need to acquire the best playmaker in the draft at a key position in the offense. After having a successful college career, Harrison would walk into a situation where he would have a franchise quarterback in Kyler Murray.

Round 1, #27: Jer’Zhan “Johnny” Newton, DL - Illinois

Jer'Zhan Newton
Nebraska v Illinois / Michael Reaves/GettyImages

Newton has shown that he can be great in the middle of the trenches both against the pass and run. He was named the Big Ten Conference Defensive Player of the Year last season and led Illinois with 7.5 sacks. The Cardinals have already boosted up their defensive line with Bilal Nichols and Justin Jones through free agency, but it would be hard to pass on Newton should he fall into Arizona’s lap late in the first round.