Top free agent quarterbacks Arizona Cardinals must consider

Brissett could keep the Cardinals in contention until Murray returns from injury.
Brissett could keep the Cardinals in contention until Murray returns from injury. / Scott Taetsch/GettyImages
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With Kyler Murray likely out for the foreseeable future, the Arizona Cardinals must make a decision concerning the most important position on the field.

The Arizona Cardinals have important decisions to make regarding their quarterback situation after their franchise quarterback suffered an ACL injury that will most likely keep him sidelined entering next season. As Kyler Murray recovers and rehabs from his unfortunate setback, the Cardinals must decide whether it would suit them better to just draft a quarterback and allow him to gain experience or should they sign a veteran free agent and allow him to take the reigns.

With a few changes and improvements to the roster which are all but guaranteed to happen with a new head coach and general manager, a veteran QB would make more sense considering the competitive atmosphere of the NFC West. The Cardinals quarterback vacancy could become a golden opportunity for a player to come in and prove himself on a one year deal and show that he still belongs in the NFL and is capable of being a starting caliber player.

Who can the Cardinals sign that would be capable of coming in and making an impression? Here are a few candidates Arizona should consider.

Jacoby Brissett
Can Brissett join the Cardinals and find success like he did in Cleveland? / Scott Taetsch/GettyImages

Top free agent quarterbacks for the Arizona Cardinals

Jacoby Brissett

Jacoby Brissett is a quarterback who is capable of joining any team in the NFL in a starting role. However, Brissett has thrived as a backup quarterback and is better suited for that particular role.

He filled in quite nicely while he was a member of the Cleveland Browns as he started the first 11 games while starter Deshaun Watson served his suspension. Brissett is able game manager and has what it takes to be successful but a porous offensive line and a mediocre defense led to a lot of the Browns losses last season despite Brissett keeping them competitive and giving them a chance to win.

The thought of signing Brissett should entice the Cardinals organization as he could become the perfect example and role model for Murray due to his leadership and professionalism. His level of play can best be described as consistent.

While he won't amaze you with incredible throws and while he doesn't produce eye popping stats, what he does do well is protect the football and avoids costly turnovers. As long as a defense can keep the game close and if he has a real threat at the running back (similar to what he had with Nick Chubb) where he can take advantage and implement play-action which allows the offensive coordinator to open up the playbook and take shots downfield.

For the most part, Brissett's decision making is what sets him apart as he avoids taking unnecessary risks. He is also underrated when it comes to timing and, accuracy and has just enough athleticism to escape the pocket if it collapses.