Top free agent quarterbacks Arizona Cardinals must consider

Brissett could keep the Cardinals in contention until Murray returns from injury.
Brissett could keep the Cardinals in contention until Murray returns from injury. / Scott Taetsch/GettyImages
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Baker Mayfield
Can Mayfield resurrect his career with the Cardinals? / Steph Chambers/GettyImages

Baker Mayfield

If the Arizona Cardinals truly want a chance to compete and remain in contention until Murray is healthy enough to play, then they should strongly consider signing Baker Mayfield. Mayfield came into the league with huge expectations as a #1 overall selection. Unable to reach his full potential as a starter due to injuries, Mayfield may be considered by many teams to be the best free agent quarterback on the market.

He does have a losing record as a starter at 31-38, but Mayfield is better than at least half of the starting quarterbacks in the league just based on talent alone, and he could give the Cardinals the most realistic shot at competing for a playoff berth.

He's had his fair share of ups and downs, and has experienced the highs and the lows of being a star in this league. After receiving all of the backlash and criticism he gets from the media and being painted as a villain, this would be the golden opportunity and the perfect situation to remind teams that he can still lead and put a team on his back.

The question is whether Mayfield would accept a salary cap friendly deal or will he demand something lucrative? Mayfield should be given a pass because he hasn't always been surrounded by top tier talent but he has always made the most out of what he has had to work with.

Not to mention the coaching changes he had to endure during his tenure in Cleveland. At times Mayfield can be his own worst enemy and sometimes puts too much pressure on himself. If he can learn to just take what defenses give him and not try to play hero ball slinging it deep and hoping for a good outcome, he would be better off and be able to avoid the turnovers and the costly mistakes that have plagued him in his career. Mayfield would be the perfect fit for the Cardinals with his underdog mentality and will to win.

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