The good, the bad, the ugly in Arizona Cardinals vs. Giants Week 2

Despite the historic loss, the Arizona Cardinals did some good things in their Week 2 loss vs. the New York Giants. But they also suffered through lean moments.
New York Giants v Arizona Cardinals
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Jonathan Gannon
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The Ugly - Two weeks down, two leads blown

Wow, just two weeks into the season and the Arizona Cardinals have already blown two leads. The first one, I’ll give them a free pass on, as they were only up 16-10 in their Week 1 loss to the Washington Commanders. Such losses are commonplace in the NFL, especially among inexperienced football teams.

But you can’t blow 21-point leads across a span of one half, and that’s what made their Week 2 loss so ugly. Sure, the upside is that they’re also forcing teams that are supposed to be much better than they are to win ugly. But the reality is, this is becoming a trend that won’t get any easier next weekend against the Dallas Cowboys.

Head coach Jonathan Gannon needs to diagnose and discover why his teams can’t hold a second half lead. And yes, I said teams, because this started during the Super Bowl last season.