Top 5 guards the Arizona Cardinals may consider in the 2023 NFL Draft

Sep 23, 2022; Syracuse, New York, USA; Syracuse Orange offensive lineman Matthew Bergeron (60) looks
Sep 23, 2022; Syracuse, New York, USA; Syracuse Orange offensive lineman Matthew Bergeron (60) looks / Gregory Fisher-USA TODAY Sports

The Arizona Cardinals have signed and retained plenty of free agents who can play guard this season, but that doesn’t mean they won’t draft one.

Given the number of free agents general manager Monti Ossenfort signed, like Hjalte Froholdt, Dennis Daley, and Elijah Wilkinson, don’t expect the Arizona Cardinals to prioritize guard. But if they feel the need to address the position, there are a few players he could consider on Day 3 of the NFL Draft, and even one who could catch his eye on Day 2. 

Like previous lists, you won’t find the best overall guards here. Instead, I’ve listed five players the Cardinals could realistically snag on April 28th, or ideally, April 29th.  

5 guards the Arizona Cardinals can consider

1 - Tyler Steen, Alabama

The most prominent upside regarding Tyler Steen is that he has experience playing against NFL-caliber defensive linemen, given his 13 starts last season at Alabama. He also played at Vanderbilt, giving him plenty of experience in a major conference. Steen is the kind of player the Arizona Cardinals could snag on Day 3 if they feel the need to take a guard. 

2 - Nick Saldiveri, Old Dominion

One of two small school prospects on this list, Nick Saldiveri has a tackle’s build at 6’6, 307. If he goes to the Cards, he could slide outside and play left tackle as opposed to guard, and versatility could be something Ossenfort looks for. 

3 - Cody Mauch, North Dakota State

Another small school stud, Cody Mauch could be number one on this list. But because the Cardinals, as it stands, have more pressing needs, he drops to third, as Mauch could be long gone when Day 3 rolls around. However, if Monti Ossenfort believes Mauch can develop into a big-time offensive lineman, the guard could very well be a surprise pick in the third round. 

4 - Steve Avila, TCU

Like Steen, Steve Avila played against top-level competition at TCU, so he could be one of the more NFL-ready prospects listed if Ossenfort were to roll with a guard on Day 3. If the Cards general manager is looking for versatility, Avila could be even more appealing. 

5 - Matthew Bergeron, Syracuse

And finally, we got Matthew Bergeron. He was a tackle at Syracuse, so, like many prospects who are listed in a position other than what they played in college, he’s the kind of player you take in the final round of the draft, if he’s there.  

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(Statistics provided by Sports-Reference/CFB)