Isaiah Simmons is down to his last chance with the Arizona Cardinals

After a truly abysmal showing in Week 2 of the preseason, Arizona Cardinals safety Isaiah Simmons’ seat grew even hotter.
Kansas City Chiefs v Arizona Cardinals
Kansas City Chiefs v Arizona Cardinals / Michael Owens/GettyImages

Arizona Cardinals safety Isaiah Simmons is in no danger of getting cut when the team determines its 53-man roster. Or at the absolute least, such a move would shock all of us. 

But after a poor showing on Saturday night against the Kansas City Chiefs, it’s telling me that Simmons is looking more and more like he’s down to his final chance with the Cardinals franchise this season. General manager Monti Ossenfort didn’t pick up Simmons’ fifth-year option, and after his play in Preseason Week 2, we can now understand why.

At this point, the situation has two possible outcomes: Either Simmons puts up at least a solid season at safety or he will find himself playing in another city, and likely fighting for a starting spot. The kid we were all excited to see come to the Redbirds in 2020 is slowly becoming an afterthought, and unless he turns things around from now until January, I speak for many in the Red Sea that we would be glad to see him go.

Clock is ticking on Arizona Cardinals safety Isaiah Simmons

As it stands, the Cardinals hold a plethora of draft picks, including a pair of first rounders, and if they finish with the worst record in football yet Kyler Murray shows promise in the new system, then you can expect Ossenfort to load up on even more picks via trade in a deal similar to what the Chicago Bears did last season. 

Ideally, Simmons latches onto the position and becomes a force in the defensive backfield. This would help the Arizona Cardinals in several ways, one of which would involve a Simmons-Budda Baker tandem at safety in the foreseeable future while Jalen Thompson sticks around as a slot corner. 

It will also let the Cardinals address other areas of need on the team. Positions like running back, defensive line, and perhaps even CB2, as opposed to searching for yet another safety. 

Overall, Simmons will have 17 games to show he can be the guy. If not, then you may see Thompson returning to his familiar spot in the defensive backfield sooner than later. Either that, or Ossenfort will end up drafting Simmons’ replacement in 2024.