5 jaw-dropping facts for the Arizona Cardinals Week 3 matchup vs. Dallas

The Arizona Cardinals have had the Dallas Cowboys number the last few times these teams met. Here are five facts regarding the matchup.
Arizona Cardinals v Dallas Cowboys
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To put it generously, even an optimist like myself will admit that the Arizona Cardinals look like a mid-major college about to play a Power 5 school when you compare them against the Dallas Cowboys. The only difference is, the mid-major isn’t the one traveling. But with the number of opposing fans invading State Farm Stadium lately, the Cards are basically playing in 17 road games this year. 

That’s one of quite a few facts in this upcoming Cardinals-Cowboys matchup. There are five others that also jump out, a few of which are absolutely mind-boggling. 

Demarcus Lawrence
New York Jets v Dallas Cowboys / Cooper Neill/GettyImages

5 facts for the Arizona Cardinals Week 3 matchup

1 - Cowboys are the fifth team since 1966 to allow 10 points and score 70

The Cowboys shut out the New York Giants in Week 1 before they allowed just 10 points against the New York Jets in Week 2. Now, they’re facing an Arizona Cardinals offense that has been inept in six out of their first eight quarters, and this could spell disaster for the Redbirds.

If the Cards want any hope of wearing down this Cowboys defense, the task will fall to the offensive line playing better football than it has in the season’s first two weeks and James Conner running the ball effectively. But at this point, nobody is expecting much out of a unit that has been out of sync more often than it has clicked. 

2 - James Conner seeking his 23rd consecutive game with 50+ scrimmage yards

Yeah, you heard that right - James Conner, despite his rough start to 2022, is on a 23-game streak with 50 or more scrimmage yards. Just how great is Conner’s streak? Only two other players have more games under that same stat line. 

This isn’t to say Conner will be the Cardinals savior this weekend - just look at the above section for more info on that. But this does show that the Cards have at least a fighting chance if Conner can stay effective for four quarters.