Which jerseys are the Arizona Cardinals wearing Sunday?

Uniform aesthetics are a big thing in the NFL these days, and have been for quite a while. So what will the Arizona Cardinals wear this weekend?
Arizona Cardinals v Washington Commanders
Arizona Cardinals v Washington Commanders / Scott Taetsch/GettyImages

The Arizona Cardinals open up their home slate of games this Sunday against the New York Giants in a game featuring a pair of teams still looking to score an offensive touchdown. Besides the pre-game storylines, aesthetics are a huge part of the NFL landscape. Therefore, you may be wondering what color jerseys the Cardinals will be wearing this week.

As you know, the Redbirds can wear any jersey they’d like to at home, including their road whites if they so choose. But per Gridiron-Uniforms, the Giants will be wearing their “icy white” look - white jerseys on white pants. 

This leaves the Cardinals with a pair of options: They will either roll with their red jerseys again, or they will deck themselves out in their all-black combo. 

Arizona Cardinals will wear dark jerseys at home this week

If the Cards roll out their red jerseys, it will be the fourth time we have seen them this season. For the first three appearances (including two preseason matchups), the Cards went with their all-red ensemble, which is their worst uniform set in an otherwise massive upgrade from their 2005-2022 threads. 

Maybe they will finally match the white pants with the red jersey, which would bring out the thread into the “modern-classic” realm and look great on the field, especially against a former division rival. If the Cards go with the all-black combo, then it will mark that respective uniform’s debut. 

This look is a play off of what they wore last season, except it (thankfully) lacks all the strange panels and piping that went with the old one. While you may compare the look to something the Ohio State Buckeyes would wear during a night game, it is nonetheless a sharp one. 

Some teams don’t often wear their alternates until later in the year, but that didn’t stop the New York Jets from showing off theirs in Week 1. This week, the Chicago Bears, Atlanta Falcons, New England Patriots, and the Cleveland Browns are debuting their third look for the year, so you never know.