3 key matchups that will give the Arizona Cardinals trouble in Week 17 against Eagles

The Arizona Cardinals are facing a formidable Philadelphia Eagles team, and there are a few matchups that will give them issues.
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Arizona Cardinals v Chicago Bears / Michael Reaves/GettyImages

3 - Red zone defense vs. Eagles red zone offense

The Cardinals red zone defense has given up a touchdown 60.6 percent of the time, which is the ninth-highest in the NFL. Meanwhile, the Eagles 58.9 percent conversion percentage on offense is the 10th-highest, setting the stage for a difficult day if the Cardinals allow the Eagles to enter the red zone one too many times. 

What’s more is the fact that Philadelphia boasts the second-best third-down conversion percentage in the NFL at 48.8 percent, indicating the Cards will have a tough time stopping the Eagles from entering the red zone. And in case you’re wondering, no other team in the NFL has allowed a higher percentage of third-down conversions than Arizona, which sits at 47.3 percent.

Overall, this does not look like a desirable situation for the Redbirds, who must find ways to step up their game defensively in every facet if they plan on keeping things close this Sunday. The good news is that the Eagles defense isn’t anywhere near as good as they were last season, so perhaps they can at least put up some points and turn it into a quarterback duel. 


(Statistics provided by Pro-Football-Reference)