Last-minute bold prediction for the Arizona Cardinals Week 5 matchup

The Arizona Cardinals head into Week 5 looking to put another W onto the stat sheet, and one bold prediction could help their cause.
Dallas Cowboys v Arizona Cardinals
Dallas Cowboys v Arizona Cardinals / Michael Owens/GettyImages

Last season, the Arizona Cardinals busted out the all-black uniform combo for the first time in team history and won 42-35. This year, the Cards are going all-black again, but they’re busting out the latest version of their look for the first time in team history, so that’s one check mark for history set to repeat itself. 

In their win over the New Orleans Saints last year, the Redbirds may have eclipsed 40 points, but they didn’t do it all because of a red-hot offense. Instead, the defense stepped up, and that serves as the basis for today’s bold prediction. 

Last year, Isaiah Simmons and Marco Wilson went the distance for back-to-back pick-sixes that occurred just over a minute apart from one another. And today, the Cards will pull off a shocker by recording another two pick-sixes on none other than Joe Burrow.

Arizona Cardinals shock Bengals, NFL landscape with pair of pick-sixes

As was the case last season, Marco Wilson will get involved and show us that he shouldn’t be an afterthought just yet. Wilson knows Garrett Williams is coming at some point this month, and nobody on the Cards roster needs to step up their game more than the third-year corner. That will happen today with a 75-yard pick-six, nearly doubling the distance of the one he had last year.

The other one will go to Dennis Gardeck, who has made more than a few plays this season off the EDGE. Today, though, Gardeck records his sack, but he also seals the game with a pick-six late, leading the Cardinals to a win vs. the Bengals. 

This game will give the Redbirds much-needed momentum heading into their Week 6 divisional matchup against the Los Angeles Rams. And if the Cards pull off a pair of back-to-back wins, they’ll be sitting at an unprecedented 3-3. 


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