Last-second bold prediction for the Arizona Cardinals Preseason Week 3 matchup

The Arizona Cardinals head into their final preseason game before they embark on a two-week prep period for their Week 1 matchup against Washington.
Denver Broncos v Arizona Cardinals
Denver Broncos v Arizona Cardinals / Christian Petersen/GettyImages

The Arizona Cardinals have a bit of a new look coming into their Preseason Week 3 matchup against the Minnesota Vikings, and I mean that literally. Not only should we see the icy white uniforms take the field for the first time (unless Minnesota opts to wear white at home) but we also won’t see a pair of 2020 draft picks in Isaiah Simmons and Josh Jones, as they were traded elsewhere.

So what’s going to happen for this particular preseason game? Oh, you are going to see not one, not two, but three undrafted players who will enjoy phenomenal performances in this one. In my 3 bold predictions piece, I mentioned Kyle Soelle and Jacob Slade, but let’s add three more players to the list, giving us a total of five.

Daniel Arias has been effective during his respective chances, having hauled in five of eight targets for 76 yards, and 15.2 yards per reception. Arias is also a big body, and he can also be a solid blocker in the Cardinals run-first offense. Overall, expect Arias to enjoy one last fine outing to make his case.

3 undrafted Arizona Cardinals players will enjoy outstanding performances

Emari Demercado currently finds himself fourth on the Arizona Cardinals depth chart, behind Corey Clement, who is listed as third. We all know how ineffective Clement has been this preseason, and it gives Demercado a golden opportunity that he will take advantage of this afternoon (or morning, for those fans in the Phoenix area).

So far, Demercado has just 33 rushing yards on 14 carries, but he’s proven to be a triple-threat this preseason. The rookie running back has four receptions for 26 yards and a 100% catch percentage, and he’s also helped out as a kick returner. Today, he does enough for the Cards to at least consider him over Clement as the RB3.

And finally, we got my personal favorite: Blake Whiteheart. Across two weeks, Whiteheart has six catches on nine targets for 54 yards. Considering that the Cards have an aging Zach Ertz at the position and uncertainty behind him and McBride, Whiteheart solidifies his spot as the TE3, and at the absolute worst, he’s waived, then re-signed to the practice squad thanks to rounding off a solid preseason. 

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