What each recent trade means for the Arizona Cardinals

The Arizona Cardinals were the busiest team in the NFL today, trading Isaiah Simmons, Josh Jones, and a fifth round pick.
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What a busy day of trades it was for the Arizona Cardinals. As you now know, general manager Monti Ossenfort made not one, not two, but three trades today. No, these weren’t major trades, though it was rather shocking to see Isaiah Simmons go to the New York Giants for a mere seventh round pick

But there is meaning behind each of the three trades that took place today. And while we won’t know for sure what those meanings are until a later date, until then, we can at least speculate. 

Let’s dive in and check out each of the three trades Arizona made today, and figure out some possible reasoning behind each. It will also be interesting to see if the Cardinals can make anything out of the draft picks they acquired, and whether their new quarterback will eventually see time with the starters in favor of the underwhelming Colt McCoy. 

Isaiah Simmons
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Potential meanings behind each Arizona Cardinals trade

1 - Isaiah Simmons

I wrote extensively about the Isaiah Simmons trade in a previous piece. But there is even more meaning behind the Simmons trade than the reasons I placed in the aforementioned article - for one, don’t be surprised if Jalen Thompson reverts back to his normal position at free safety. 

It could also mean the Cards are more than content with their corners, especially Marco Wilson, Antonio Hamilton, and Kei’Trel Clark if we indeed no longer see Thompson at slot corner. Further, it could also be a sign that Garrett Williams is closer to returning than we think, and once game-ready, Williams will immediately upgrade the cornerback room. 

The Cardinals also signed Sean Chandler about a week ago, and they could also have a solid backup in Jovante Moffatt. And finally, the trade also signifies that other safeties listed behind Simmons, like Andre Chachere, Kendell Brooks, and Juju Hughes, were impressing more than the former eighth overall pick.