5 major upsets the Arizona Cardinals will pull off in 2023

Arizona Cardinals v Cleveland Browns
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The Arizona Cardinals aren’t projected to play well in 2023. But their roster is good enough to at least surprise a few fans and experts.

The Arizona Cardinals don’t have an easy schedule for 2023, and to make matters worse, they will likely turn to one of their backups (or rookie) to lead the team in the season’s early going. This has caused many in the NFL universe to count them out, which gives the Redbirds an opportunity to pull off their fair share of major upsets. 

The Cards won’t be favored to win many games during the season, so in a sense, even if this team finishes 5-12, then they pulled off five major upsets. So the question is, which teams will the Redbirds stun this season?

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Arizona Cardinals v New York Giants / Al Bello/GettyImages

Arizona Cardinals will pull off at least five upsets in 2023

1 - Week 2 vs. New York Giants

This game features one of the most underrated rosters in the Arizona Cardinals facing off with one of the league’s most overrated rosters (and quarterbacks) in the New York Giants. In short, the Giants-Cardinals matchup has a recipe for a stunner written all over it. 

And whether it’s Clayton Tune or someone else taking the snaps, they will lead the Redbirds to a hard fought victory over a team that was once a fierce division rival. And who knows? Maybe the recent spats between the two franchises could, in a manner of speaking, renew the rivalry? 

2 - Week 7 OR 18 vs. Seattle Seahawks

This is the year of truth for Seattle Seahawks quarterback Geno Smith. Entering his 11th season, the longtime backup finally found himself moving up in the NFL hierarchy. Now the question is, can he maintain it?

Honestly, even with an array of talent around him in Seattle, it would be tough for an aging late-bloomer like Smith to emulate such results. His performance reminded me of what former Arizona Cardinals quarterback Josh McCown pulled off in 2013 before he fell back to Earth. The same happens for Smth in 2023, and the Cards take advantage in one of their two games against Seattle.