Media is once again wrong about the Arizona Cardinals defense

Arizona Cardinals v Atlanta Falcons
Arizona Cardinals v Atlanta Falcons / Todd Kirkland/GettyImages

Many in NFL circles believe the Arizona Cardinals have the defensive talent of an expansion team, and that couldn’t be more inaccurate.

The Arizona Cardinals are going to experience growing pains this season, that much we are certain about. But the media continues to ignore the fact that this team has more talent than they believe. 

Sure, there are few game-changers on the defensive side of the ball, and that number could be minute if safety Budda Baker doesn’t return. But read the following claim from Cody Benjamin of CBS Sports and let it digest for a minute: 

“Gannon's defense is also mostly devoid of building blocks.”

That’s highly premature, considering the fact that Gannon’s defense has the following players:

  • Jalen Thompson
  • Budda Baker (for now, at least)
  • Marco Wilson
  • Isaiah Simmons
  • Zaven Collins
  • B.J. Ojulari
  • Kyzir White

I could go on and include Cameron Thomas, Myjai Sanders, Owen Pappoe, and even Garrett Williams. And while it’s true that no one listed above are perennial All-Pros besides Baker, to claim this team has few building blocks is simply untrue. 

Arizona Cardinals have solid puzzle pieces on defense

Yes, I will concede that, barring something beyond unforeseen, the Cardinals aren’t making the playoffs this season. But who cares? This is a developmental year for the team where wins and losses shouldn’t define success. 

But there are several building blocks on what is a highly underrated roster in the NFL with a man who helped lead a team to the Super Bowl just last season running the show. Trust me when I tell you that this defense isn’t going to be as bad as the mainstream sports media believes. 

They aren’t going to be great. But there is more than enough to like here to believe that they will at least fare better than they did the previous season. 

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