Micah Parsons disrespects Arizona Cardinals following Week 3 loss

Following the Arizona Cardinals upset win over the Dallas Cowboys, Micah Parsons had an interesting take on the Redbirds that will ring infamous in the desert.
Dallas Cowboys v Arizona Cardinals
Dallas Cowboys v Arizona Cardinals / Michael Owens/GettyImages

Somebody needs to remind Micah Parsons that the Arizona Cardinals didn’t just pull off an upset - but the Redbirds took the field and made the Dallas Cowboys look foolish for four quarters. The Cardinals, who many thought (or hoped) would be tanking to draft Caleb Williams, controlled every aspect of the game and ended up winning by two possessions. 

So what did Parsons say about the Cowboys loss to the Cardinals yesterday? Jon Machota of The Athletic quoted Parsons in their postgame piece, so without further ado….

"“The last two weeks we were on fire and today we came out and we got lit. … We got to take on every game like it’s the Super Bowl. We got to play up to our standard. We can’t play down to (our opponent), and that’s what I felt like we did today.”"

Micah Parsons

Source: Cowboys defense looks nothing like it did the first two games in ‘shocking’ loss

Micah Parsons disrespects Arizona Cardinals in loss

Someone also needs to remind Parsons that he probably shouldn’t take too much stock into what most of the media is claiming or has claimed about the Redbirds. This is a team undoubtedly in rebuilding mode, but they are also a team that’s heading north on the compass as opposed to south, unlike the Denver Broncos or the Chicago Bears at this point in the season. 

And not just that - the Cardinals are just a four-point loss and a three-point loss away from being 3-0. They didn’t have their top offensive player in Kyler Murray in any of those three games. Budda Baker only played in Week 1 before a hamstring injury sidelined him, so it wasn’t like he was on the field making plays. 

Parsons has completely lost touch with the reality of what took place nearly 24 hours ago. The Cowboys entered State Farm Stadium, and lost by two possessions in a contest where they rarely looked in-sync. And that’s because Jonathan Gannon and Company know how to prepare their players, even if they couldn’t quite finish the job in Weeks 1 and 2. 

The Arizona Cardinals may not be a great football team, and on paper, Dallas looks like the superior squad. But through three weeks, the Cards have made the most of what they had, and getting a W was inevitable, which came against one of the best teams the NFL could offer.