Monti Ossenfort needs to step up in free agency for the Cardinals

While he has been acquiring help, the Cardinals have not been aggressive in free agency.

Arizona Cardinals Introduce Jonathan Gannon as Head Coach
Arizona Cardinals Introduce Jonathan Gannon as Head Coach / Chris Coduto/GettyImages

There is a fine line when it comes to overspending in free agency and not being aggressive. Coming into free agency, the Arizona Cardinals had over $56 million to use in free agency to boost their roster. In the first wave of free agency, they have brought in a majority of defensive help, three offensive players, and have re-signed some of their own players from last season.

On the defense, Monti Ossenfort has recruited two defensive tackles in Bilal Nichols and Justin Jones, an underrated cornerback in Sean Murphy-Bunting, and linebacker Mack Wilson who is become a fan favorite with his praise for Arizona and recrutiment of other free agents. On offense, Jonah Williams, DeeJay Dallas, and wide receiver Chris Moore have been added to the roster.

While Arizona has not been ignoring free agency much like the Dallas Cowboys, they have not been aggressive enough and it starts with Ossenfort at the top. The only area that the Cardinals have truly improved this offseason that will help the offense is the offensive line now that Jonah Williams will help protect Kyler Murray. Outside of that signing, the Cardinals have not made a big impact to boost up the offense.

They have missed out on top receivers in this free agent class, as well as reliable receivers that would help the receivers in Arizona without breaking the bank. While there are pending free agent receivers like Tyler Boyd and Hunter Renfrow out there, it does not seem like Arizona will be spending much money on the receiver position.

This is not to say that Ossenfort has not done anything, because he has on the defense (just a little bit). However, the offense does not look promising right now and in the NFC West, the Cardinals have not shown that they will compete in the division. Regardless of whether or not Arizona looking to make a run at the NFC West championship next season, there needs to be signs of progression and free agency has not shown it up to this point.