Top 3 mysteries the Arizona Cardinals must solve in December 2023

The 2-10 Arizona Cardinals are a team full of mysteries, and there are plenty that this group must solve in the final full month of the season.
Arizona Cardinals v Seattle Seahawks
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Kyler Murray is the biggest mystery facing the 2023 Arizona Cardinals as the final full month of the season is upon us. It’s become clear that Murray still has a long way to go before he masters this new offense, but we should see progress from now until January, and that he will at least give fans hope heading into 2024. 

But Murray isn’t the only mystery surrounding this football team, as quite a few young players are worth watching to see if they can take on a major role next year. Most of the names you will see below are prominent rookies who have shown enough to at least warrant a look to be more than just the No. 2 guy at their respective position or simply part of a rotation. 

Garrett Williams
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3 mysteries the Arizona Cardinals still need to solve

1 - If Garrett Williams can become a true No. 1 corner

Marco Wilson opened the season as the Arizona Cardinals top corner, but he quickly proved he wasn’t the answer. Wilson’s backslide started immediately, but when rookie cornerback Garrett Williams showed fans what he could do, it became apparent that at least for a depleted roster, the latter was a far better fit for the No. 1 job than the former. 

But it’s still too early to tell whether Williams will show enough to convince us he can be the top man at the position heading into 2024. Per PFF Williams ranks 34th out of 120 qualified corners with an overall grade of 69.5 to go with a 67.6 coverage grade. 

His numbers are also encouraging, having allowed 6.9 yards per reception, and a 76.2 quarterback rating. If Williams keeps up his current play, he will at least warrant strong consideration for the top corner job next season, but the Cards will nonetheless still be adding talent to the position