NFL insider drops major hint about Cardinals draft day plans

Will the Cardinals opt to stay put at No. 4?
Arizona Cardinals v Buffalo Bills
Arizona Cardinals v Buffalo Bills / Brett Carlsen/GettyImages

The Arizona Cardinals are the first team on the clock in the 2024 NFL Draft that doesn't need a quarterback. That has led some to believe that they could swap spots with a quarterback-needy team but that might not end up being the case.

According to Albert Breer, it appears as though Monti Ossenfort is considering simply staying put at number four and taking Marvin Harrison Jr. This, of course, is assuming that a team ahead of Arizona doesn't shock the world by not taking a quarterback and goes with Harrison instead.

Will the Cardinals end up staying put at No. 4?

Ossenfort had previously named his price if a team wanted to pry the fourth overall pick away from them and it wasn't cheap. If a team like the Minnesota Vikings is desperate enough to trade up and try to snag J.J. McCarthy or whoever they're interested in taking, it'll cost them big time.

While some might think the Cardinals would be foolish to not take offers for the fourth pick, if they stay put, they more than likely can land the best receiver prospect in quite some time in Harrison. He'd be the best possible weapon to add to Kyler Murray's arsenal and that will make the Cardinals a better team in 2024 and beyond.

Plus, there's no guarantee that the Cardinals hit on the prospects they take with the additional draft picks. Harrison panning out is much more of a certainty.

Maybe the Cardinals end up moving down in the first round but if they stay put and can add Harrison, fans wouldn't be complaining.