NFL Insider predicts the Arizona Cardinals will trade out of 4th pick

Is there something brewing that we do not know about?
Arizona Cardinals Training Camp
Arizona Cardinals Training Camp / Christian Petersen/GettyImages

With less than a month away from the NFL draft, action is going to be kicking up with teams across the league. Predictions are going to be made until the start of the draft and the Arizona Cardinals are a primetime team in the middle of trade talks. They are one of two teams in the top five who do not need a quarterback and have a lot more holes on their roster. With Kyler Murray getting a full offseason without having to worry about his knee injury, Arizona will look to build up the rest of the roster.

NFL Insider Jordan Schultz was on the Pat McAfee show, discussing potential trades that could happen before the draft. The Cardinals were mentioned as a team that would potentially trade out of the #4 pick to a QB-needy team like the Minnesota Vikings. Schultz then commented on how Arizona needs to address the rest of the roster for improvement.

Arizona has been at the center of these trade rumors, especially when the Vikings traded back up into the first round from the Houston Texans. It is a great, yet scary time for Monti Ossenfort. He has a lot of power, but it comes with risk if he fumbles the ball. While the Cardinals do need a lot of improvement on the roster, they also would be taking a huge risk of losing out on some serious talent depending on where they trade back to.

For example, if the Vikings were to trade up to #4 with the Cardinals, Arizona would more than likely receiver Minnesota's two first-rounders this year and extra draft capital for next year. That would give the Cardinals potentially three first-round picks to use this year (#11, #23, and #27). While that would look fantastic, what would it cost the Cardinals?

It is very easy to predict that Arizona would lose out on prospects like wide receivers Marvin Harrison Jr. and Malik Nabers. There is even a possibility of them missing out on wide receiver Rome Odunze. Ossenfort has a tough decision to make and unless he feels fantastic about a certain prospect at the 4th pick, he may consider trading out of the pick out of desperation to build the rest of the roster.