One optimistic, pessimistic, and logical prediction for the 2023 Arizona Cardinals season

The Arizona Cardinals kick off their 2023 season against the Washington Commanders in two days. So let’s lay out three distinct predictions for the year.
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Ask any Arizona Cardinals fan on how they think the team’s 2023 season will turn out, and you will get three distinct opinions. The optimist will state that the Cards will be a much better team than advertised, and that once they stick to and excel in their game plan, they may even sneak into the playoffs. 

The pessimist will always claim the team is tanking, and for reasons unknown, want the team to lose as many games as possible for the rights to draft Caleb Williams. Even if there’s a strong possibility the highly-coveted quarterback doesn’t even enter the 2024 draft. 

Finally, there is the logical crowd, and it’s the one I most identify with. While we will acknowledge the fact the Cards won’t be a good team in 2023, we also believe they won’t be anywhere near as bad as most of the NFL universe believes, and that there is a strong possibility Kyler Murray is still ‘the guy’ moving forward. 

Arizona Cardinals
Arizona Cardinals wide receiver Greg Dortch (83) talks to quarterback Kyler Murray during practice / Rob Schumacher/The Republic / USA TODAY

Predicting the Arizona Cardinals season with logic, optimism, and pessimism


During the first four weeks of the 2023 season, the Cardinals running game and defense will keep each contest close and they start the year 2-2. Kyler Murray returns in Week 5 and is better than ever, igniting a stellar passing game while still controlling the clock with a run-first approach. 

This leads to the Cardinals winning eight of their final 13 games to finish 10-7, good enough for a surprise wildcard berth. Murray helps the Redbirds win their first playoff game since 2015, and he solidifies himself as the starter heading into 2024. 

The Cardinals will pick during the latter half of the first round with their own selection, but the Houston Texans end up as a Bottom 5 team, putting the Redbirds in position to snag a dynamic receiver like Marvin Harrison Jr. Marquise Brown signs his extension before he hits free agency, and the Arizona Cardinals head into 2024 looking to contend for the NFC West title.