3 biggest overreactions to Arizona Cardinals Week 2 loss to the New York Giants

The Arizona Cardinals lost the heartbreaker of heartbreakers earlier today against the New York Giants. But that doesn’t mean we need to overreact.
New York Giants v Arizona Cardinals
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New York Giants v Arizona Cardinals / Michael Owens/GettyImages

3 - The Cardinals are blowing their few chances at winning in 2023

This one hurts, because this Arizona Cardinals team is one that opponents were supposed to perpetually blow out this season. However, “Big Red” has lost both games by a grand total of seven points. And it’s worth noting that if Kyler Murray were under center, the Redbirds are probably 2-0, as he’s not blowing a 21-point advantage as opposed to his backup. 

However, there are plenty of winnable games left on the schedule, including a pair of contests against the Los Angeles Rams, a tilt against the Pittsburgh Steelers if they continue to play poorly, and a game against the Chicago Bears, to name a few teams. 

And best yet, Murray could very well be in the driver’s seat at quarterback in all four matchups listed above. While it’s tough to see the Cards lose in such a dramatic fashion for two weeks in a row, they by no means only have a few chances to win in 2023. In fact, the Redbirds have performed better than advertised, so they may have a few more chances to win than we initially thought.