Ranking the top 5 quarterbacks in Arizona Cardinals history

In a tough group to judge, who ranks the highest in Cardinals all-time quarterbacks?
Arizona Cardinals, Kurt Warner
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1. Jim Hart

One could argue that Jim Hart is number one by default, because the guy played 18 years for the Cardinals, back when they played in St. Louis. By longevity alone, I feel like the guy deserves to be atop the list, here.

Now, as for the most talented of the group? That's up for debate. Regardless, it's tough not to put Hart atop the list when he ended his career with 34,639 passing yards and still remains far above the rest. Now, don't ask about the touchdown to interception ratio unless you're looking for a puzzling, disgusting feeling at the moment.

Hart threw for 209 career touchdowns to 247 interceptions.

Yeah, that's not exactly Hall of Fame worthy.

Hart's record as a starter was just as mediocre, sitting at 87-88-5 over those 18 years.

Here's a fun fact for you: Back in 1977, Hart held a record of 7-7 that year, throwing for 2,542 yards, 13 touchdowns and 20 interceptions en route to his fourth-straight Pro Bowl appearance. If you thought the Pro Bowl was meaningless in today's NFL, think on that for a minute. Maybe, it's always been meaningless.

Not once did Hart lead the league in yards, touchdowns or any real positive category other than the season he led the NFL in passing attempts with 388 and also finished with a 2.1 interception percentage. Other than that, his nearly two decades were as monotonous as you could get.