Ranking opponent difficulty for Arizona Cardinals in 2024

Here's how the Cardinals match up against their opponents for the upcoming season.
Seattle Seahawks v Arizona Cardinals
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2. Tier Two: Great-Game Watch

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Week 2 vs. Los Angeles Rams

An early season divisional game could actually play to the Cardinals favor. This early in the season, anything can happen and teams have not found their rhythm of the season quite yet. This is the perfect time to gain traction not only within the division, but also put the league on notice with a win over a rival that is trending upward.

Week 6 at Green Bay Packers

Jordan Love is here to stay and it is clear. However, this is another game that could come down to one bounce of the ball. If the Cardinals see the same Packers team that dropped a late-season contest to the Giants, Arizona could find themselves in the win column.

Week 7 vs. Los Angeles Chargers

With Coach Harbaugh in town, there will be a new blue-collar mentality in town that the Chargers desperately need. This is a game that the Cardinals theoretically should have, but it will all depend on how soon the Harbaugh effect takes full form. If L.A. is still figuring out what they have by Week 7, this could be a good, confident win for the Cardinals.

Week 8 at Miami Dolphins

Hot take, but this is a game that Arizona could pull off. Miami is a team of regular season heroes and this has all of the makings of a classic shootout. Difference now is that Kyler Murray has his go-to weapon in Marvin Harrison Jr. This could be an exciting track meet that would allow the Cardinals to prove that their offense is legitimate.

Week 10 vs. New York Jets

The Jets have to be the greatest off-season team in the last two seasons. They convinced everyone that they were only a quarterback away, but with Rogers missing nearly the entirety of last season, it was apparent that this team needed a lot of work. With Aaron Rogers looking to return for this season, the hype train is at full speed yet again, but the Cardinals can certainly take this game from New York with disciplined play, and taking advantage of the Jets’ mistakes.

Week 14 vs. Seattle Seahawks

Anything can happen in divisional games, that’s not secret. This is going to be a great revenge opportunity for Arizona to avenge the 21-20 loss in the season finale last season. This is another game that was a loss last season that could turn the Cardinals way with the moves they have made this offseason. 

Week 17 at Los Angeles Rams

With the end of the season looming in Week 17, this is a game that is going to go down to the wire and could test Arizona’s ability to play in meaningful games late in the season. On the road in the Rams House, this could be the taste of big-time games that Cardinals fans have been longing for.