Ranking the Arizona Cardinals' last ten first-round draft picks

We take a look back at the Arizona Cardinals' last ten first-round picks.
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The NFL draft is like a major holiday for football fans. Not only is it a step closer to the start of the season, it also shows the vision that teams have by who they drafted from the first round until the last round. While the Arizona Cardinals have had some hits on draft picks, they have had more misses and some unknowns as well. Heading into this year’s NFL draft, the Cardinals are set to have 11 draft picks and they may even add more with all of the trade talks that have been recently happening. 

In this article, we take a look back at the last ten first-round picks that the Cardinals have made. Their 2013 draft selection is included as well because the Cardinals did not have a first round selection in 2022. This upcoming draft will be the second one under Monti Ossenfort, who has been talking about building up the team without carelessly spending money which is what he has done through free agency up to this point. 

Within these rankings, #10 is ranked as the lowest while #1 is ranked the highest. Here are the top ten rankings of the Cardinals’ last ten first round picks.