Sean Payton is doing the Cardinals' dirty work for them

"I think it's good to be Monti [Ossenfort] today at Arizona, right?"

Denver Broncos v Arizona Cardinals
Denver Broncos v Arizona Cardinals / Christian Petersen/GettyImages

The Arizona Cardinals hold the fourth overall pick in the 2024 NFL Draft and Monti Ossenfort is going to be fielding a lot of phone calls between now and draft night. The three teams ahead of the Cardinals all need quarterbacks and are expected to take quarterbacks with those picks so that makes the Cardinals' fourth overall pick very valuable.

Someone who will be looking to add a quarterback this offseason is Denver Broncos head coach Sean Payton. The Broncos hold the 12th overall pick and while there haven't been rumors about them swapping spots with the Cardinals, Payton said that he thinks Ossenfort is living the dream right now. This came up when Payton was asked about Denver potentially moving up for a signal-caller.

Sean Payton is helping the Cardinals drive up the price for 4th overall pick

If the Cardinals do opt to trade out of the fourth pick, they're going to need to receive a king's ransom. If they stand pat, they'll more than likely be able to select Ohio State's Marvin Harrison Jr., who is the best receiver in the draft. The Cardinals need weapons for Kyler Murray and Harrison would be the best possible weapon to get him in this draft.

That being said, it might be hard to turn down a trade that included multiple first-round draft picks and several more other draft picks from later rounds. The asking price should be steep if the Cardinals are going to allow another team to swap spots with them while they're forced to pass on Harrison.

Will the Broncos end up being the team to swap spots with the Cardinals? Time will tell but right now, Sean Payton sees that Monti Ossenfort has all of the leverage right now.