3 big storylines for Arizona Cardinals Week 6 matchup at Rams

The Arizona Cardinals are heading into Week 6 more banged up than ever, and that serves as one of many storylines coming your way.
Cincinnati Bengals v Arizona Cardinals
Cincinnati Bengals v Arizona Cardinals / Norm Hall/GettyImages
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The Arizona Cardinals just can’t seem to get healthy as we head toward the midseason point of what could be another long year. Not that we didn’t anticipate this, given the way the roster looked heading into the season, but at least we had some optimism. 

Following another tough loss, this one to the Cincinnati Bengals, that optimism is fading. And unless the Cardinals do something quickly, expect that optimism to keep dissipating down the stretch, or at least until quarterback Kyler Murray returns - if he returns this year, anyway. 

However, so much misfortune makes for some interesting storylines for the Cardinals upcoming matchup against the Los Angeles Rams. So what can we look forward to heading into this week’s game at SoFi Stadium? 

Joshua Dobbs
Cincinnati Bengals v Arizona Cardinals / Norm Hall/GettyImages

3 big storylines for Arizona Cardinals Week 6 matchup

1 - Chances of a Joshua Dobbs' redemption party

Depending on who you’re talking to, some may claim Joshua Dobbs was bad on Sunday while others will say it’s on the offensive line. I took the latter view, as the 28-year-old can play a solid game with at least adequate protection. That didn’t happen on Sunday, but thanks to Dobbs’ numbers, many will believe he looked bad all game long. 

Regardless, he will need a bounceback game this Sunday to negate any potential rumbling for Clayton Tune to come to the rescue. And in my opinion, that would be a very bad idea considering the state of the team at the moment, but it’s still at least a remote possibility if Dobbs struggles again. 

So far, the Rams have given up a middling 1,034 passing yards and they have just three takeaways. However, they’re also giving up a 58.3% completion percentage, which is almost two percent lower than what the Bengals have allowed. Opposing quarterbacks also have an 81.3 rating against them, so this may not be an easy outing for Dobbs.