3 studs from the Arizona Cardinals Week 7 loss to the Seahawks

The Arizona Cardinals mustered only 10 points in their Week 7 loss to the Seattle Seahawks, but not at the fault of these players.
Arizona Cardinals v Seattle Seahawks
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Marquise Brown
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3 - Marquise Brown, WR

Marquise Brown had just three catches on seven targets yesterday, but with Joshua Dobbs playing quarterback, that number isn’t too bad. The reason Brown landed on this list is because of what he did with those catches, and it entailed a long of 21 yards and, overall, 16.3 yards per catch. 

This tells us that Brown is still the deep threat he’s always been, and if he’s not dealt before the trade deadline, then he should make a huge impact when Kyler Murray returns to action. So far this year, Brown has 32 catches for 383 yards, three touchdowns, and 12.0 yards per catch. 

Do the math, and he’s on pace for 78 catches, 930 yards, and seven touchdowns. But since Kyler Murray should be good to go in Week 10 at the latest, Brown’s numbers may exceed that if he stays healthy. He will be fun to watch when his college teammate is once again leading the Arizona Cardinals offense. 


(Statistics provided by Pro-Football-Reference and ESPN.com)