3 major takeaways from Steve Keim’s remarks about the Arizona Cardinals

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Steve Keim
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"“Our stuff was functional. When Rocky beat Drago, how did he train?”"

Steve Keim, via AZ Central

Of course, Keim was lighthearted about it, but here’s my take. First and foremost, I will admit that I used to train in gyms that comprised aging, rusty equipment, and dust-laden corners. The only way to get air conditioning in the summer? Open up the garage doors, and bam, it’s there. 

Yeah, their warehouse full of machines were more than functional, even if they looked as though they’d been around since the 1970s. That’s always good. 

But I’ll tell you this: I will never train in those places ever again. Not after being introduced to cleaner, more climate-controlled gyms back in 2012. That said, you can probably guess which one I’d give a passing grade to, and a failing grade to, right?

This isn’t to say the Cardinals weight room and facilities resemble those dated, old school-style outlets, far from it. But what I’m getting at is, in today’s day and age, people have expectations on what a gym, or in this case, a weight room and team facilities should look like. Upgrade them!

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Source: Former Cardinals GM Steve Keim talks Hopkins, Murray, more on Chris Long podcast by Bob McManaman, AZCentral.com