This Arizona Cardinals stat against 2024 opponents is unbelievable

The Cardinals have not had a lot of good luck against their upcoming opponents this season.
Arizona Cardinals v Chicago Bears
Arizona Cardinals v Chicago Bears / Michael Reaves/GettyImages

The 2024 season should be a season that Cardinals fans will remember for the better. After a long two seasons in shambles, Arizona has a roster that is ready to go and has a lot of promise for the future. The front office has stability with Monti Ossenfort and Jonathan Gannon might just be the right head coach that the Cardinals have needed. Despite going 8-26 the last two seasons, the Cardinals played physical football last year with so little to work with.

With the Cardinals finishing in last place in the NFC West, they will take on various last place teams from last season which should be easier matchups for the Cardinals. When looking at history, the 2024 opponents for the Cardinals have completely dominated Arizona. It is unbelievable as to how they have beaten the Cardinals many times to the point where even if the Cardinals manage to win in 2024, they still have a long way to go if they want to have a head-to-head positive record.

We used Pro Football Reference to see how the Cardinals have performed against their 2024 opponents in history. It is a stat that is shocking to see.

The Cardinals do not have a winning record against any of their 2024 opponents.

Here is a list of the Cardinals opponents for this season and their records against them all-time, along with the winning percentage (not including playoffs):

Bills: .417 (5-7)

Rams: .446 (40-50-2)

Lions: .437 (28-37-6

Commanders: .378 (47-78-2)

49ers: .446 (29-36)

Packers: .347 (24-47-4)

Chargers: .267 (4-11)

Dolphins: .231 (3-10)

Bears: .337 (29-60-6)

Jets: .400 (4-6)

Seahawks: .450 (22-27-1)

Vikings: .429 (12-16)

Patriots: .438 (7-9)

Panthers: .294 (5-12)

The Cardinals’ best record on this list is against the Seattle Seahawks, which is not surprising seeing as how the Cardinals and Seahawks face off against each other twice a year. Arizona will have a chance to get to one game under .500 against the Bills in Week 1 but it is going to take a full team effort to take down Josh Allen.

Historically, the Cardinals have not been the greatest franchise but they have the chance to change the narrative about this this upcoming season. They will need to make things work on the field and hope that a little bit of good luck comes their way.