The 5 most valuable members of the Arizona Cardinals 2023 roster

New England Patriots v Arizona Cardinals
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Kyler Murray
New England Patriots v Arizona Cardinals / Cooper Neill/GettyImages

Kyler Murray - Quarterback

At just 25 years of age, quarterback Kyler Murray already has two Pro Bowls and an Offensive Rookie of the Year award under his belt. The dual-threat signal-caller is blessed with a skill-set that not many of his peers possess. If Baker is the heart and soul of the Cardinals defense, then Murray is just as important to the success of the squad's scoring attack.

The major question surrounding Murray at the moment is his availability for the upcoming season. Any hope of Arizona making any kind of splash next fall will depend on how quickly the Texas native can return from the knee injury he suffered last December. There are varying opinions on exactly how many games Murray will miss, but the sooner he can return, the better.

There has also been discussion about the Cards possibly moving on from Murray during next year's offseason. How the 5 foot 10, 207 pounder performs with offensive coordinator Drew Petzing calling the shots could determine his future in the desert. For now, Murray's status as the second-best player in the Redbirds locker room remains intact.