Where do the new Arizona Cardinals uniforms rank in the NFL hierarchy?

Arizona Cardinals v Atlanta Falcons
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Patrick Mahomes, Sebastian Joseph-Day, Kyle Van Noy
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Tier 1 - Best in the League 

5 - Green Bay Packers

Few color schemes beat green and gold, and the Packers need to keep this going for as long as the NFL is around. Few uniforms, as far as the NFC goes, beat these. 

4 - Indianapolis Colts

Some dock the Colts points because their uniforms are so basic. Hey, in the NFL, the more basic a scheme, the better it is. Why? Because they’re not distracting from the game itself. 

3 - Las Vegas Raiders

Silver and black is yet another scheme that works and it always will work. When the Raiders moved to Vegas, I think I speak on many fans’ behalf that keeping the uniforms as is was a great thing. 

2 - Kansas City Chiefs

Red, gold, and white, especially red helmets paired with red jerseys, is classic enough. What’s more? Striped socks are definite bonus points, too. 

1 - Los Angeles Chargers

Powder blue may be the best color in all of sports, and when paired with gold, it’s just magnificent. Overall, it’s the favorite look of many in the National Football League. I just can’t believe it took the Chargers such a long time to figure that out. 

So, the Arizona Cardinals, who often ranked toward the bottom of these lists just as recently as last season, at least in my eyes, are now in the top half of the pack. Sure, their new threads could have done without an element or two, but overall, they're a good looking set of unis.

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