Where do the new Arizona Cardinals uniforms rank in the NFL hierarchy?

Arizona Cardinals v Atlanta Falcons
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Tier 2 - One tiny adjustment…

10 - Pittsburgh Steelers

If there is one thing I absolutely love about Pittsburgh sports, it’s how all their pro sports teams rock the same color scheme. If there is one thing I love about the Steelers uniforms, it’s that they’ve more than stood the test of time. Just please, change the numbering font and bring back the gray facemasks. 

9 - Dallas Cowboys

The only thing about the Cowboys uniform that doesn’t work is their pants on the home whites. Just ditch the metallic and go with the duller version of silver that you wear with the (sometimes) road blues. 

8 - Chicago Bears

I’ll never understand why the Bears thought debuting an orange helmet was a good idea, especially when they’ve long had among the best uniforms in football. Stick with the navy blue helmet and they will always be a top ten look. 

7 - Buffalo Bills

The only thing wrong with the Bills uniforms these days? They like to wear blue and blue. Just stop it, please. Royal blue and white is arguably the best color scheme in the game - next to cardinal and white. Don’t mess it up like you did between 2002 and 2010, when blue and blue was their thing all season long. 

6 - San Francisco 49ers

Cherry red and gold works and it always has worked for the 49ers. I was beyond ecstatic when they brought the look back in 2009. Just go back to the old school SF logo, and you’re good to go. In fact, if you went with your alternate white on white look and the white pants all the time, that’d be even better.