Where does Kyler Murray rank among No. 1 overall picks in last ten NFL drafts?

Being the first pick in the NFL Draft doesn't always mean guarenteed success...
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#6: QB Kyler Murray, 2019

Murray makes this list at the #6 spot, being drafted in 2019 by the Cardinals. At the time, the Cardinals had hired Kliff Kingsbury as their new head coach who had praise for Murray coming out of Oklahoma. The duo between Murray and Kingsbury seems to get off on a right start, where Murray won Offensive Rookie of the Year and was a two-time Pro Bowler. In 2022, the Cardinals were a horrible team and the icing on the cake came when Murray tore his ACL late in 2022. Before then, there were rumors about Murray being a tough person to get along with and it seemed like Kingsbury had lost the locker room at one point. 

When it comes to Murray, he has only made the playoffs once in which he was embarrassed by the Los Angeles Rams. There is a lot more promise for him moving forward with a head coach and general manager who have defended him publicly this past offseason. However, we have to be realistic and realize that Murray has yet to make a big impact on the league.

#5: QB Trevor Lawrence, 2021

Coming out of college as the best prospect since Andrew Luck, Trevor Lawrence has not exactly lived up to the hype to bring the Jacksonville Jaguars to the next level. To be fair, Lawrence’s rookie season should not count because of all of the drama that was centered by Urban Meyer. The last two seasons, we have seen Lawrence make special plays and display flashes of greatness. In 2022, he helped the Jaguars lead an ultimate comeback against the Los Angeles Chargers in the wild card round that put them in the divisional matchup against the Kansas City Chiefs. Then last season, Jacksonville lost five of their last six games which included bad play by Lawrence.

There is no doubt that Lawrence is going to be the franchise quarterback for the Jaguars, but he has not exactly been the promised prospect that he was labeled as coming out of Clemson.