Steve “The Thug” Smith


So, I’ve seen several others put in their two cents on Carolina Panthers WR Steve Smith.  I thought I would do the same.  The guy is a great receiver, no doubt.   What he also is though is a thug.  My counterpart over at called him a terrorist, which left me laughing out loud.  To a certain degree, I’m a little surprsed at the attention this is getting, however he did after all send his teammate off the field carted away injured.  Smith was suspended for the first two games of the regular season.  All of this from a guy who played in Utah of all places.  He did take anger management classes several years back.  I guess whoever paid for that should be asking for their money back at this point.  There is no place, in my opinion, for this type of activity.  It’s great to get all worked up and in squirmishes with your teammates.  However when the fight ends so severely that it sends a player carted off the field injured, it has gone too far. 

Apparently Smith tried to apologize, however that is like closing the barn door after the horse has left.  Sorry Steve Smith, you knew what you were doing all along.  Would you be apologizing if Lucas hadn’t been injured and carted off the field?  My guess is no.  You are lucky to have only been suspended for two games.  I would have suspended you for at least 8 or even more depending on how the injury turned out.  You’re good, but not irreplaceable.  Spend your two Sunday’s out of action reflecting on your actions.  Go to church.  Go to counseling.  Do anything – except anything football related.  There is no place for someone like you in the NFL.

Scott Allen