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Back to Training Camp


The Arizona Cardinals get back to practice this afternoon in Flagstaff after Thursday’s loss to the New Orleans Saints.  Practice is scheduled from 3:45-5:30pm this afternoon at the outdoor practice fields adjacent to the Walkup Skydome at Northern Arizona University

Obviously there are a few things to work on, as pointed out after the game the other night.  Hopefully the Cardinals had a chance to rest a little over the past couple of days.  Receiver Anquan Boldin was spotted attending the Arizona Diamondbacks game last evening against the Atlanta Braves.  After this afternoon’s practice, the Cardinals will be back to their two-a-day’s tomorrow, with one practice in the morning and another in the afternoon. 

Here are a few things I think the Cardinals should focus on this week as they prepare for the Kansas City Chiefs this weekend at Arrowhead Stadium.

1. Get your backup quarterbacks some more reps.  With Kurt Warner sitting the last game out to give Brian St. Pierre and Anthony Morelli some work, only Matt Leinart had a decent game.  St. Pierre probably wasn’t give a lot to work with as coaches have a tendency to hold back a little with the play calling in preseason; however after last season it is clearly obvious this teams needs a third stringer who can come in and produce. 

2. Work on pass defense, especially with the second team.  Mark Brunell and Tyler Palko exposed a weak secondary.  It was only game one, however there are only three more games to get it right before San Francisco on September 7th. 

3. Use Tim Hightower more.  I know it’s about trying to see what everyone could do, however Hightower really should be exposed to a few more runs this week.  Running always sets up the pass.

4. Special Teams.  The kickoff coverage was horrible.  The Cardinals can’t continue to allow 40,50, and 60 yard returns on kickoffs.  Field possession is too important and with the way this secondary covers receivers, teams could be in field goal range with one play.

I’m sure coach

recognized many of these things as well and will address them.  Of course there are three more weeks to get it right, but that process needs to start with today’s practice.

Go Cards!

Scott Allen