NFC West Update


So a funny thing happened during my reading on yesterday.  Turns out my companion bloggers in the NFC West don’t really think much of the Cardinals.  That’s ok.  That’s what being a fan is all about.  It was all in good fun (I think?)  Now that we are three weeks into camp and about to hit week 2 in games, I thought I would provide an update as to what is going on around the division. 

Seattle:  Major news here.  Wide receiver Bobby Engram is out at least 6-8 weeks after suffering a cracked shoulder.  A cracked shoulder?  That’s a new one.  Aren’t these guys supposed to wear pads?  I mean, I know the receivers shoulder pads are smaller.  Well, maybe that opens a spot to bring back Jerry Rice! He’s old, but not as old as the Walrus on the sideline.  Well, seriously I hope he gets better.  Like in 18-20 weeks. 

San Francisco: They released Brandon Moore (see my post today on the Rodgers-Cromartie injury update about that bit of news) because they signed Takeo Spikes.  Other than getting older, where’s the upgrade?  Whew.  I wasn’t even aware Spikes still played.  Maybe Ken Harvey is still available?  Hey wait – I think Simeon Rice and Warren Sapp are still available too come to think of it!

St. Louis:  Camp Over?  Wow.  According to receiver Torry Holt, going to Wisconsin for camp this year “gained a little bit of toughness” for the Rams.  How tough can they be if they had to go to Wisconsin for camp this year.  I mean, let’s be realistic.  They didn’t want to be seen at Rams park.  They will be back training at Rams Park after this weekend’s game though.  You can’t hide in Wisconsin forever I guess.  Running back Steven Jackson is still a holdout.  I’d hold out too if I were a Ram.  At least he missed having to go to Wisconsin.  Instead, he’s probably on a beach somewhere in Tahiti. 

So it seems every team within the divison has some sort of plight they are dealing with.  At least so far, Arizona’s have been minimal.  Boldin decided to come and play even though he wants a new contract.  His injury also is healing.  We dodged a bullet on Rodgers-Cromartie, and Al Johnson should be back by the beginning of the season.  Go Cards!

Scott Allen