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The Saga Continues


I can’t seem to shake this Anquan Boldin thing. You know about it. You might have heard on newsradio, or tv, or the newspaper, or the internet, or maybe your mother who doesn’t even pay attention to the NFL and says to you “Hey, what about Anquan Boldin?”, that he wants out of Arizona. He’s done. Thinks the organization is full of liars, especially coach Ken Whisenhunt. I’m surprised he hasn’t pulled a Simeon Rice and called Arizona the “arm pit of the NFL.” Maybe he is thinking hard about what his next words will be.

Maybe he should just be quiet. Upset or not, he should just keep the mouth shut and play some football. I understand where he is coming from. Larry Fitzgerald got his extension. You know what though? I’ve said this over and over. It’s not his call. He is the employee, not the employer. Drew Roshenhaus should go crawl back into his rat hole, wherever that may be, and stop being the puppet pulling Quan’s strings. I just have a hard time believing someone like Boldin soured that quickly on the Cardinals without a little help.

Boldin said the Cardinals took an extension offer off of the table after Fitzgerald got his. I wonder why that is? Is it because they value his services any less than they did last season? Why would they? They have no reason to. Boldin continues to produce when healthy. The Cardinals would have traded him already if they didn’t want him. Something tells me rodent boy Rosenhaus had something to do with that. If the Cardinals came to Boldin tomorrow, which they won’t, and offered him the extension he is looking for, all of this would be forgotten.

I’m not one to bash Boldin or the Cardinals. I will continue to cheer for Boldin as long as he is in a Cardinals uniform. Heck, I just bought his jersey. Looks good. However, Boldin has to be just about stupid to think the Cardinals don’t value him or his services. You know what else? Who cares if the coach has a say in negotiations. Isn’t it his job to evaluate the players? That’s part of a coach’s job. Guess what you get out of a positive evaluation? Usually a raise. For him to complain that Whisenhunt supposedly got too involved in the negotiations and that isn’t his job as a coach, then maybe a Florida State education is worth less than I thought?

I’m almost afraid to find out what tomorrow brings. What I think is the Cardinals should just let him play and Boldin should do just that. Be quiet, play football. If he wants to leave camp, go ahead. That’ll be $15,000 a day please. Make checks payable to the Larry Fitzgerald Foundation.

The saga continues…

Go Cards!

Scott Allen